In this picture, Dr. Luban is using the Pro-Adjuster. The patient is resting very comfortably while Dr. Luban uses the equipment to first analyze the spine to find the subluxations, and then to treat the spine with a light tapping motion. The patients love having the ability to “see” the subluxation on the computer and then to watch it get better.

The Pro-Adjuster is the most advanced, computerized instrument adjusting equipment available to the profession. Utilizing the technology of the Pro-Adjustor, Dr. Luban instantly analyzes your spine for the exact location of the subluxation, and then adjusts you with a light tapping motion along your spine, all while you are sitting comfortably in a chair. There is no “twisting”, “bending”, “popping” or “cracking”.

After the adjustment, the patient usually feels a great sense of relief, with less muscle spasm, less pain and greater range of motion.